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Even in this modern day and age, equipment can still go wrong. This is when you need a reliable, efficient repair service. Reliable, in the sense that you must be assured that the advice you are getting is the best and most appropriate. Efficient, meaning that when a repair is necessary it is carried out with the minimum of fuss and with speed. To that end Finninger & Helbach offer a completely FREE advice service aimed at curing problems over the telephone. By simple easy to follow instructions from our engineers it is possible to 'fault find' basic problems. In the event that workshop attention is needed, send your equipment by post and this can usually be turned around in 7 days. This service is nationwide.

Repair service features

  * Fully equipped workshop
  * Qualified Engineers
  * FREE Estimates
  * 7 day service - (nationwide by post)
  * FREE advice service for simple problems